Sugar paste hair removal professional courses

Our goal is to prepare cosmetologists to provide service on a professional level. You will work in small groups allowing individual supervision. The group contains 2-4 students.

A lecturer will share their years of experience, tips and tricks, advice on how to solve problems if something goes wrong and how properly and effectively do the procedure. You will learn techniques on each other as it is important for you to see the right and wrong moves.

Before the course starts let your own hair grow to a length of about 5 mm. After the course you will be completely hair free. You will learn the sugar paste technique on legs, arms, underarms, face, eyebrows and etc.

Professional brazilan hair removal courses

This is the most sought after service for depilation. Brazilian hair removal is a method of hair removal on intimate parts. Lecturers will share their years of experience, tips and tricks, advice on how deal with difficult situations and how properly and effectively use this method.

You will learn the technique on your own model, so bring a friend. The number of participants is limited to a small number of one to two students allowing close individual supervision.

Duration of the course is approximately 3 hours.

The course covers

  • Material

    The material you use during the course

  • Manual

    Procedure manual for sugar paste hair removal

  • Certificate

    Certificate of Attendance

  • Consultations

    Consultations after the completion of the course

  • Gift

    Depilatory sugar paste EPIL BEAUTY as a gift