At first professionally trained beautician will cleanse, degrease and powder coat your skin. Then she applies a thin layer of sugar paste over your skin (sugar paste is warmed to body temperature).

Sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth. Then a strip of a cotton cloth is pressed on the top and ripped off against the direction of hair growth.

All paste is removed along with the hair and the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth. Our staff works with disposable gloves and spatulas during the treatment.

Advantages of EPIL BEAUTY sugar paste hair removal are particularly useful when removing hair in sensitive, intimate areas. Although Brazilian hair removal is more painful than shaving, the effects is ultimately baby soft skin with no razor bumps and nicks.

With long term use of sugar paste, clients often notice a gradual diminishment of hair.

For sensitive clients anesthetic cream might be applied 30 min before the procedure.

  • Brazilian is different from the standard bikini depilation because all hair from a genital area, perineum as well as anus is removed. However, some clients wish to have their hair in the pubic area shaped into hearts, letter V, Playboy etc.
  • It is a complete removal of unwanted hair in intimate areas. All hair is removed from the bikini area, pubic area, penis, scrotum, etc.

Brazilian depilation